Dear Ruben,

I appreciated your call this afternoon, and the concerns that you voiced. As I promised you, this email is to address your concerns. I am also going to send this email out to all of the preachers that I have accumulated so far. I am using an earlier email as the template for this email because it contains the most up to date information about the Aggelos Society.

First, let me restate what Aggelos is about. The society will be a coalition of street and campus preachers for the purpose of providing services to our growing band of soldiers. It will be a peer to peer group, not a hierarchy, or an effort to bring anyone under any kind of authority structure. When we gather it will be a gathering of equals.

As such there will not be a formalized structure, nor a formalized statement of beliefs. Our focus is on the preaching of the gospel. There may be flakes out there, and these we can deal with as they come up. But for the most part, we don't want to impose our methods nor our theological focus on anyone. Since we will not be requiring signing onto a specific set of doctrines, if heresies arise, we will deal with them as the scriptures say to deal with them.

Anyone who is motivated to go out on the street and lay their life on the line will be welcome to join Aggelos. For the most part having been around street preachers for 32 years, I really don't find any significant conflict over doctrine anyway. You and I have worked with preachers from all theological quadrants without doctrinal wrangling. Our doctrinal differences are swallowed up by our commitment to proclaim the coming Kingdom of God, and by the fellowship of His suffering.

As for winding up on infinitely expanding CC lists, the Aggelos Society does not use CC lists. Every email that goes out goes only to the addressee. Each email is emailed individually. There will be no possibility of anyone winding up on someone else's CC list. In addition, the list won't be shared or publicized. I realize many preachers value their privacy, and that will be honored.

I hope to band us together because there is strength in doing so. It won't be a controlling structure, but a self-help band of brothers. Each will still be in their own ministries, To that end, I am trying to build some interest, and find out who is out there - both street (events) and campus, nighttime and daytime. If you could help me out, all I am trying to do is build a list at this point. Any you send to me will not be put on my general mailing list. This is a separately maintained list.

As I told you on the phone, the Lord is opening a door into the mainline church for me to present to them what God is doing on the streets. I believe that the focus of the Lord's instruction to me has not been for the benefit of the street preachers as much as for the church at large. In the next few weeks I will be holding a series of meetings with pastors in down state New York to explain to them God's intention in the commandment to go into the all the world and preach. So far, everyone to whom I have given my apologetic for street preaching has been neutralized in their enmity against the preaching. All they usually have to understand is the wisdom God has built into the "foolishness of preaching".

In addition, I have become friends with Dr. Cornell Haan, who seems to be on a first name basis with just about everybody. His accomplishments have been many. President Bush asked Corkie to form a prayer team to pray for him, and Corkie gathered over three million people to do so. He also has planted 7 churches, 72 coalitions, and been the marketing point man for Mel Gibson and "The Passion". One coalition he founded, Mission America, consists of over 120 denominations and parachurch organizations.

I wrote a piece on what has been going on in the street preaching world, especially the large increase in the number of men being brought into it. We are bordering on exponential growth, or what some people call "the tipping point". This is of monumental importance to the large body of churches. Corkie sent my piece to Mission America, and recommended that they run the piece in their monthly newsletter. He also recommended that they do a feature article on the street preaching movement, and that I would be available for that. He also told them I would be available to any denomination or parachurch organization that wanted to know what is going on.

This is a gigantic door opening to me. If I can get a foot in the door, I believe I can make significant advances against the massive enmity that we experience from most denominations. I believe they are perishing for lack of knowledge of things that we all have learned by following Jesus into the streets.

As this unfolds, the whole church will be affected, and at the present, there is no knowledge in them to enable them to respond to the Lord's work, to what the Lord is doing in His body. Even worse, there is not a consolidated effort to explain to the main body of the church what God is doing. We have been mostly marginalized. We need to reach out to them as much as to the lost. The street preaching is not just to the world. It has a purpose to the church as a whole, and the church is ignorant of it.

That is what I am hoping to address. I believe I am being asked to breach the gap between the church and the growing body of preachers that God is raising up. I realize that to trust in coalitions is a fools quest. All I am hoping for is to be able to pry open the doors. In my several months with Dr. Haan, I understand the mind of the institutional church administrator. If I come representing several thousand men who are raising a stir, I will be received. If I come representing just myself trying to correct their lack of perspective, I won't get past the receptionist.

I have an open door, and I will go through it. I would like to be able to provide a voice to as many men as I can. The great division between those that the Lord is sending out on the streets and the remainder of the church who are more interested in harmony must be broken down. The preaching is what precedes the Lord's coming, and the church is being brought to the point of judgment.

Aggelos Society

We will be forming a society to help fund, equip, encourage, and strengthen all evangelists, regardless of the methodology chosen. Street preachers, street mimes, passing out tracts, one-on-one witnessing, door-to-door witnessing, event booths, whatever a man uses, as long as he is evangelizing, we want to help. One of the main goals is to work with the mainstream church to instruct the church as to God's wisdom in His commandment to preach. The aim is to bring street preaching back to the place of honor it originally had under the apostles.

As such we will be offering several services:

  • Help with funding when it becomes possible
  • A website that will list every college campus in the country, their free speech policy, who to contact, whether private or state, and a host of other bits of information that are often needed. It will have the ability to keep track of where everyone is (if they want), and to be able to schedule campuses and not be stumbling all over each other. It will also be a means to see which campuses have been hit, or are virgin territory.
  • In addition, the website will also provide the same type of information for events, parades, festivals, or any other gathering of people. This information will be provided for those who want to work events, like Mardi Gras, Days of Decadence, Indy 500, Kentucky Derby, etc.
  • The web sites will not be restricted to preachers only, but will rely on the preachers to provide most of the information. In addition, there will be a note board for each preach site so we can pass on interesting or vital things not covered by the data form. We can rate or score each campus and warn each other of rogue administrations.
  • An independent street preacher's newspaper that will go out on a consistent basis to which we can all contribute, cover news associated with street preaching, sell products from street preaching ministries, and to sell advertising.
  • A "show and tell" flip chart tool for those who defend creationism, consisting mostly of pictorial evidence that irrefutably declares that God is the creator, and Darwin is mistaken. This tool/aid will be created by cooperation amongst several creationist organizations, and will be a simple means to address the students at a level they can grasp - pictures.
  • Access to available TV and Internet air time 24/7
  • Liaison with Christian legal organizations (more strength in numbers)
  • Provide support for lawsuits and wrongful arrests or prosecutions.
  • A zero interest loan program for help with unexpected expenses, like vehicle break down, etc.
  • In the future, we also hope to be able to provide a speaker booking services to those who join

That is it in a nutshell - so far. If there are other services that would strengthen our effectiveness, or add to our ability to get the message out, please feel free to email me and suggest it.

My current list now contains 158 men.

Thanks guys.

Bro Cope